The battles of our hearts are not just physical, but spiritual. They have caused us to build walls. To find your true self, you must discover these walls and crush them. It is a life-changing journey
. . . as the walls crumble, you will discover God’s grace.

WALLS OF A WARRIOR helps you, in so many ways, to finally begin to free your heart. Written from personal experience, author Dawna Hetzler takes you along on a journey to conquer the fears of your heart
. . . destroy the walls.

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Overwhelmed with the Spirit

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Broken lenses

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Overwhelmed with Courage

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Lessons from back seat positions

My legs squeezed his hips. You see, when I squeeze David with my legs, it’s my signal for him to slow down. Many times he doesn’t heed my cue. His confidence says without saying a word, I’ve got this. … [Read More...]