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Perception of women

I’d introduced my friend to another friend who works at church. On the drive home my friend asked, “Did you

Wanting more

He whispers: “Why are you raising the bar?” “Quit devising plans.” “Just for today, no setting goals or striving for

What I long for

The answers poured in: Genuine~ Honest~ Loving~ We can only speak truth and grace when love is the motive. Acceptance~

Dancing as life sings

  I love it when God instructs to move quickly: “…have the whole army give a loud shout; then the

Private text messages

It’s only three women. What can just a few accomplish? Weekly, we encourage one another through texting. One woman texts

Irrational love

It’s preposterous that I get up early every morning. You know me—I’m not a morning person so it’s counterintuitive to

Help is on the way

Yesterday’s schedule seemed impossible. In-between various showings, text messages, and phone calls, I somehow managed to write four contracts. At

No Easy Jesus

  Producer Dave chimed in, “We get complacent in our relationships with God and in our marriages.”  Dave’s statement caught

Pray a blessing over you

I’d just finished speaking at a women’s conference. Standing at the door to thank the ladies for attending, a woman