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The labyrinth

My spiritual director, Ruth, gave some basic instructions about walking the labyrinth. Then we sat in the stillness of the...

Slaying Giants

Once you've identified the childhood giants that taunt you, it's time to slay them. How? There are three practices I'd...

Childhood Giants

The simplest things leave scars that we carry with us into adulthood. I call them “childhood giants.” These emerge from...

Mama J saved the day.

On our last visit to Florida, my restful time was interrupted by something that caught my eye...a long black line...

You can’t…

I notice it easily in others.  Nonproductive attempts to control outcomes, invoke responses that's desired, or ultimatums. I readily feel that...

My Little Project

I have this little project. But it’s no longer small.  What was supposed to be a fun activity has left...

Tug Of War

A tug of war ensues within. Hope pulled against uncertainty. Uncertainty yanked back. The future, so, unresolved.  A songbird lulls...

I’ve missed our time together~

Hello Friend!It’s been a while.  And I’ve missed you and our discussions.After a long dark desert season, I began writing my...

An Interview with THE Allen Arnold

https://youtu.be/n3aTzGGxxxc Chaos Can't The hopeful yet defiant message of Chaos Can’t is that it's possible to remain unshaken in this...