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What’s going right

The reclaimed wood caught my eye, the saying captured my heart. It whispered a different kind of prayer; one that...

A different kind of performance 

Readying for the holiday season, I decided that a "Magical Cirque Christmas" performance was in order. It was a different...

A new name

At an animal shelter, we looked through the glass windows studying the names and faces. Each cubical reflected affectionate looks...

Repairer of Broken Walls

I have a listing that has a crack in the foundation wall. The buyer, during his inspection, had a large...

Free to Receive Conference -Join us!

Purchase your ticket, spread the word, bring her along, and get ready to unleash your inner strength at Free to...

When you are curious about what’s ahead

It's easy to get anxious when you don't know how the future will play out. You've prayed, you've pleaded, and...

The trees teach us

I sat in the massage room with my therapist, Melanie. She studies me as we talked.  “What are we working...

Deeper Lessons Within: The Pharisee and the Free Bird

Buddy and I had a leisurely Southern breakfast. We made a few stops for souvenirs and then we headed to...

Life lessons from the South

Once a year, I go on a girls trip with my best friend, Julieann, whom I call “Buddy.” We’ve been...