An Interview with THE Allen Arnold

Chaos Can’t

The hopeful yet defiant message of Chaos Can’t is that it’s possible to remain unshaken in this world of chaos. But we won’t find the answers on the nightly news or social media. This quest offers a refreshingly different approach. Rather than focus on current events, I take readers on a mythic yet practical journey that starts before time began. To experience God as Creator. To expose an ancient enemy who uses chaos as a weapon. And to understand why our dreams, hopes, and hearts are under attack.

Through this book, I go into:

• why chaos hits in such personal ways;

• how to not let the swirling outside chaos…within;

• the possible origin of chaos;

• how to counter fear with love;

• why your creativity matters more than you imagine; and

• 11 ways to restore your dreams and renew your surroundings.

God continuously fills the empty, void places in our world—and in us—with light, hope, beauty, and order. Which is what our souls need most in these chaotic times.


  1. sandy marthaler on November 14, 2020 at 12:32 pm

    Great interview! I love this guy. I will be buying his book for sure! Such practical things I can implement into my life right now. I have a better understanding of chaos and who the father of chaos is and how I can prevent it from entering into my heart and life! Love, love, love!