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That’s Funny Talk Show Coming Soon~

Sally and I are excited to announce our new show is coming your way on YouTube. Despite many setbacks, we...

I’m learning to do this

Dark clouds loomed in the Floridian sky.  The day played out in my mind. Immersed in the future, a rain...

Shattered, but still standing.

I met with someone this week who is going through a divorce. After decades of being married, she walked into...

Receiving gratitude or running from it?

My Seller had just finished signing the closing documents. He stood up, walked toward me and thanked me. “You bet,"...

Seeking your wisdom and direction

Many of you know Sally Smith from our Overwhelmed Conferences. She's been a speaker, MC, and healer of broken hearts....


I’ve taken a girls trip with my best friend, Julieann (AKA Buddy), for seven years and counting.  We've seen some...

Running to get the sponge

Reflecting on Easter and reading Matthew 27:45-50 (ESV), I imagined myself in the scene. Now from the sixth hour there was...

It is what it is

I’ve despised this statement my whole life.  So when I hear someone say, “Well, it is what it is,” I...

Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

On a spring hike, I decided to walk a short portion of the trail to find a quiet space. The...