I did it my way?

The soft golden hues of Cherokee Ranch and Castle illuminated the Frank Sinatra impersonator as he perform the classic songs I love so much:

New York, New York

Strangers in the Night

Come Fly with Me

I’ve Got You Under My Skin

You Make Me Feel so Young

Luck be a Lady

And then he sang the infamous song, I Did It My Way.

Taken in by the glow of the castle, the music and ambience, I thought about all the ways I’d moved through life doing things my way. And every time I left God behind or left Him out of my decisions altogether, things didn’t turn out so well.

Even when choosing my own way came together just fine, I wondered, What if I missed the best outcomes, the most fruitful transformation, the highest sense of satisfaction…all by doing it my way and not God’s way?

What if my life’s song was sung with confidence, “I did it God’s way?”


Let us not only sing that revised version today (and very day), but LIVE IT. Don’t forget to hold the note when singing the Word, God.

I did it Gaaaa-d’s way.