Mama J saved the day.

On our last visit to Florida, my restful time was interrupted by something that caught my eye…a long black line inside the lanai.

But then it moved.

My curious stare jumped to the realization that it was a snake! And not just one, but two. Now both were moving in opposite directions. EEEK!

I sprang up from my lounger and hollered to David. Then grabbed my phone to text our neighbor Jeanette, whom we call “Mama J” (and she is a very special Mama to us).

She also calls David, “King David” and treats him like her royal son. 

Anyway, feeling trapped in my pool cage with these pythons, I snapped a picture just in case I died…so at least there was evidence of what had killed me. The snakes had separated and my picture only revealed one snake.

Where’d the other one go? And where’s the darn King when I need him?

I shot a quick text with picture attachment of the slinking creature to Mama J: 

“Mama J, the King is freaking out! How do we get rid of two snakes?” 

If I’d told her I was freaking out, she’d take her time to come help—that’s exactly why I sent a message “Thee King David,” was in distress.

“I’m on my way!”

Mama J arrived quickly with a broom and a “old person grabber” which she handed to me. (Pun intended I suppose.)

She pushed the snakes along toward the screen door. I held the grabber.

“If one comes toward you, just pick it up with the grabber.”

“I’m not getting that close to a snake!”

She freed those slithering suckers into the yard.

I had the hee-bie-jee-bies the rest of the day.

Still, Mama J saved the day.

 Sometimes the best saves are when someone saves you