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Pray a blessing over you

I’d just finished speaking at a women’s conference. Standing at the door to thank the ladies for attending, a woman

Making your voice heard in heaven

In studio, Angie played the opening clip of his keynote speech at  The National Prayer Breakfast, addressing President Trump, Vice

The motorcycle wave

I barged into David’s office, “It's supposed to be 80 degrees today! Can we blow off some cobwebs?” He looked

Fan into flame

Captivated by the statements, I wrote them down in my journal. I doodled around the words, pondering their significance. Take

The Wishing Wall

I suppose I shouldn’t have hidden my wish behind someone else’s. The notes on the wishing wall were packed tightly together,

Quit playing it safe

“A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.” — John A. Shedd.  

What is right between us

An ocean backdrop, a tropical breeze, and sand beneath the feet—there’s something about weddings, especially in a setting like this.

The Beauty of Sheer Effort

There are days when my sister needs more of me, and I feel inadequate to help her. There are times

Released from bondage

I was torn. Fidgeting in the hall at the Writers on the Rock Conference, I tried to make myself go