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Busting my husband

Last week, I was at my desk tending files, setting appointments, and answering calls, when the text came through from

The value of gathering

When we gather with like-minded people, something magical happens. We begin to see that we're not alone in our journey,

A paper bag on Valentine’s Day

Do you remember being in elementary school on Valentine’s Day? We would tape a paper bag to our desk so

Bring it back to the present

I read an incredible book, My Stroke of Insight, by Jill Bolte Taylor. Jill is a brain scientist and experienced

Dogs sense when something’s not wrong

Dogs know when something’s wrong—when things aren’t right. That’s what I tried to say while on air, talking about The

What does your sign say?

Hazy eyes tried to focus on the blended pink and orange colors. The sky was God’s coloring book. As the

Embrace the mystery

Today, embrace the mystery of the unknown. All the twists and turns, ups and downs, and delays. Don’t try to

Overwhelmed Conference Promo Video

If you missed our 2016 Overwhelmed Conference, click here to watch our video. Save the date for this year’s Overwhelmed

Aborting our right

In the studio with Angie Austin and friends, I’m surrounded by very opinionated, strong women. This week on air, we