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The reflection of dissatisfaction

I’m dissatisfied. That’s why I always raise the bar higher. And higher. This realization happened last weekend while touring a

Just love yourself

Yesterday I posted a quote from my friend, Allen Arnold: "Who would you be if the world didn't tell you who

With Him

I’ve been working on my second book for what feels like an eternity now. Painstakingly slow, each word forms sentences,

Going behind the scenes with Beatrice Bruno 

We all have a mission on Earth. And that assignment was predetermined way before we were born. If you have ever

Immeasurably More

God, I know You can do immeasurably more than my brain can contain   more than I can think to

I don’t understand a lot of things

It was a casual conversation and I can’t even remember what I said before he made his statement. But the

Just Quit

The project feels enormous. Will I ever finish this? The diagnosis is overwhelming. Will I ever be healthy again? The

Together we make things sweeter

She’d moved into the house next door. I was only five years old, she was three, but we had an

Perception of women

I’d introduced my friend to another friend who works at church. On the drive home my friend asked, “Did you