My Truest Self

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My published article for Focus on the Family

Friends, I'm so happy to announce that Focus on the Family published an interview that I wrote. Check it out here: Survivors of Childhood Trauma Can Have a Good Marriage....

Surprising Allen Arnold

The surprise on his face was priceless. As he walked into our house, he stepped into his story. Entering our home, Allen was greeted by “Ryder” the watchman character in...

Saying Goodbye

Looking over the Tuscan Hills, I breathed in the majesty of the view. It was my last day in Italy and the sun leisurely set in the sky. I didn't...

A Celebrity Roast

When you have the nickname ‘Emoney’, what else can your friends do but throw you a celebrity roast, surprise 50th birthday party? Whispers peppered the room in anticipation of Emoney's...